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900g Grass fed Dexter Mince either as 8 1/4 pound (110g) patties or smash style mince.

4 More? Artisan Burger Buns

Marrow Bone Thins

Burger Sauce

Finishing Salt

Crispy Onions

This mince comes from grass fed Dexter cattle farmed by Lakeland Dexter. It is a mix of hand-trimmed cuts comprising, brisket, clod, feather blade flank amongst other leaner cuts. We aim for around a 75/25 lean to fat ratio. We mince in a particular way to give what we think is a beautifully beefy, natural mince. We’ve included some finishing salt (Seasalt, organic black white and green pepper) for the grill, but there is nothing added to the mince.

Lakeland Dexter Burger Box

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