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After about 4 years we have sold enough of our Dexter mince.

After about 4 years we have sold enough of our Dexter mince (or patties) to make over 500,000 beautiful burgers all over the country- and one or two internationally.

The process is really simple we use the best grass fed Dexter cattle, All well aged, hung in body and hand-trimmed. Depending on the customer this is then mixed with trim from steak cuts to produce a really tasty, beefy mince with a lovely smooth fat content this is mixed and minced to a certain specification.

We have a commercial patty forming machine which can produce and paper 6000 patties a day. The forming is important as it keeps the right texture, which, at times, the alternative presses don’t.

Most people tell us it’s the best most tasty burger mince they can find. So many different people over the years have said this, and so many of our customers get 5 star reviews off their customers that we have come to believe it ourselves.

We supply some of the very best restaurants in the UK with our beef and sue to expansion we are now inviting new wholesale enquiries throughout the UK. If you would like to use our Dexter or other native and rare breed meats in your business please do get in touch.

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