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Sometimes passion can come across as preachy so I’ll try my best not to be here.

Sometimes passion can come across as preachy so I’ll try my best not to be here. In the current financial situation cost of food is on everyone’s mind. Difficult choices are being made. A false narrative exists where supermarkets are substantially cheaper than proper butchers or farmers. The reality is all that is happening is the supermarket is driving down what they pay to the farmers which impacts on quality and animal welfare. The supermarket is the only winner in the transaction. The farmer loses money the customer loses value and quality of product. A simple way to improve outcomes and is known to everyone, is for people to buy as close to source as you can. There are amazing traditional butchers all over the country that select beasts off farms, take the whole carcass and work their craft. Slide 2 is weekly averages gathered by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (ADHB) which is funded by a levy on producers to advocate and inform for British meat. It updated these weekly. I would guess that most farm gate, traditional operators are within a quid or two of this, but the quality will be exponentially greater and your helping real people who actually spend the money with other businesses in their eco-system rather than to supermarkets where the money is siphoned out of communities never to be seen again. The key point I’m trying to get across is the difference to the consumer is that the Supermarket profits are taking out of the quality of the meat. There is no magic formula in farming where buying 1000 beasts make things cheaper as no one farmer can supply these guys It’s not the purpose to say buy from me, but just don’t buy from them. Ill tag a couple of local traditional butchers in the comments. If your a farm gate supplier or traditional butcher feel free to tag your self in the comments.

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