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A nice surprise this morning a lovely bull calf.

A nice surprise this morning a lovely bull calf, the half brother of our stock bull so he’s too closely related to a fair proportion of our herd to use as bull. So he is destined to go for beef when he’s about 36 months old.

So we have now 1000+ days to look after him and get him ready for that time. It takes approximately 1450 days including the pregnancy for each steer to be ready to slaughter.

Our job is to ensure that it will have the best life during this time.

We are not signed up to any ‘green label’ or farm assurance systems partly as we don’t think they go far enough. We exceed all assurance requirements by substantial margins.

Respect for the animal, the environment and to produce great beef is what we will strive for over these 1000+ days. #slowgrownbeef#dexterbeef#pastureforlife

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