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Most of the year our Dexters are outside.

Most of the year our Dexters are outside. In other years they’ve lived out all year round and they are hardy enough to have no problems with it, but the ground is a bit wet and they will poach the ground in these conditions, damaging the grass growth for the coming year. In about 3 weeks they’ll go back out to enjoy the new grass just starting to grow now. Until then they eat only hay cut from the same fields they graze. They have pretty much open access to as much hay as they need. This calf is 30 days old and can squeeze between the feeding bars on either side of the channel which allows him to enjoy a good head scratch with the odd nibble and bounce. I like this calf so far he’s got good conformation and may be kept as a bull, but we’ve a few months to decide if we keep him entire or castrate him. Leaving him with testicles means his meat becomes more muscular but little fat. Think bodybuilder vs eunuch and you’ll get the idea of the effect that testosterone has on their shape. 100% grass fed all year round whatever the weather.

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