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Some herd pictures.

Some herd pictures. The first is most of the youth section of our herd. These adolescents range in age from weaning at about 9 months to about 20 months. Known as heifers, or steers (castrated bull calf) depending on their sex. At this point we put the heifers we are breeding from to our bull and the ones going to beef get separated off for their last year or so.

The second picture is part of the breeding group some with calves at foot. These are cows (mature animals with at least one offspring). We’ve also a young bull in here which comes from our breeding and is looking good so we are keeping him and his testicles connected to see how he develops. Temperament wise he’s pretty similar to all in the ones we have. Placid but strong with good conformation. He’s a bit over friendly though and I was bent over a fence with my back to him when he lifted me on to his head and was wearing me like a hat over the weekend. There would have been a picture but my son was laughing too hard to get his phone out. It’s no mean feat for him to do that. I’m 6ft 2 and 25 stone but was effortless for him.

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