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Swallows & Dexters.

Swallows & Dexters. I always love these moments, seeing the swallows back and swooping through the cows like a bird version of ‘chicken.’ Undeniably special. This field is only 5 acres but has been left ungrazed for several years. Usually I would put around 12-15 young stock (after weaning until approx 20 months) in here but I’ve almost doubled that to deal with the enormous amount of growth so we can get new grass coming through in a month or so. I added the second batch after a couple of weeks, the second video shows them getting a nice greeting from their herd and family members. Please excuse the tires they are there to prevent the cows pushing the gate open into the second five acre field that was grazed last year. Probably self evident but I imagine that the ‘grass is always greener’ saying came from farmers in centuries gone by getting frustrated with trying to keep their stock in fields when next door fields had fresher grass.

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